How Internet and Blog Marketing Differ

Blog marketing is a relatively newer approach being used online that continues to grow in popularity and acceptance. More and more blogs are being put to use as the primary platform for many online businesses. A significant factor that contributes to this trend is the effectiveness of the marketing tactics used by most bloggers compared to the promotional strategies used by website based marketers. The latter have come to be known more as ‘traditional’ internet marketers since the use of websites as a base goes back to the earliest stages of the internet.

Here is a look at how blog based and website based marketing tactics tend to differ.

Internet Marketers

a) More Aggressive Copy

The content or copy used by these marketers tends to get right to the point which is to promote a product or service. In fact their ‘zeal’ can often be seen in the hype used to get people to take action. These marketing tactics over time have begun to wear on people thereby making this approach less effective.

b) Better at Selling

You do not get if you do not ask! Selling skills are very important online and people need to have a certain ‘aggressiveness’ in their approach to get the order. On the other hand this approach can tend to compromise developing a relationship with people. The fact is the primary goal of the internet marketer is to ‘sell’ therefore this is where they tend to place most of their focus!

c) Relentless

Traditional marketing tactics online reflect a more ambitious approach but this relentlessness can also repel people as well! It is a balancing act insofar as do you risk repelling some for the sake of selling others?

Blog Marketers

a) Build Relationships

Bloggers know their success is based upon their ability to build relationships and develop a loyal following. With this being said their promotional strategies are designed to be much more subtle so as to not drive people away. The emphasis is people first!

b) Develops ‘Quality” Content

By the very nature of the platform they use bloggers are more ‘serving’ to their readers and need to be to keep them coming back! Loyalty is developed through the quality and usefulness of the content that is posted on the site. This ‘attitude of servitude’ is a something that makes visitors more comfortable and helps to develop their loyalty as a result! This tends increase a bloggers marketing effectiveness and also leads to repeat sales. This is a big reason why this platform has such popularity with many online businesses!

c) Concerned About Image

Being that bloggers put an emphasis on relationships and developing a loyal following they tend to be as equally concerned about their image. This results in the use of less aggressive promotional strategies in an effort to make it clear that the satisfaction of the blog visitor comes first!

As you can see from our discussion above blog marketing offers some subtle differences in the promotional strategies used as compared to website based marketers. In many ways utilizing less aggressive marketing tactics prove to be a more effective approach therefore more online businesses are adopting the use of theses tactics and platform. It seems the promotional strategies used by most bloggers tends to be more appealing to people which of course contributes to the growing popularity of this strategy! In the end when it comes to growing a profitable business everything begins and ends with customer satisfaction.

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